From Our FARM to You Hands

Larmax International Co., Ltd. is a company providing the total solution of ornamental aquatic animal & plant exporting.Operated at Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park since 2013, we've utilized standard plant to innovate breeding system, develop new products, cooperate with government organization and reputed professionals.We are also the biggest Neocaridina shrimp farm in Taiwan.
Our home-bred top quality Neocaridina shrimp were awarded in several contests. The shrimps grow up with clean underground water source from Mt. Dawu, the mountain worshipped as sacred one by Taiwan indigenous people. Larmax respect each customer, every life, and nature, just like our compatriots respect the mountain. We are fully devoted and dedicated to making more people experience the joy of ornamental aquaculture.

Larmax International Co., Ltd. is the largest Neo shrimp farm in Taiwan and able to export high-quality Neos stable and continuously to aquatic lovers through the world. In Taiwan’s Aquaculture Industry, we are not only the pioneer of breeding Neos but also the creator of “Red Rili“ shrimp.


Superior technical skill, innovation, and strong dedication always motivate us to progress constantly, to provide better products and services