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At south of the Tropic of Cancer, 22 degrees north latitude, the climate here is always warm with abundant rainfall throughout the year. The spring water from Mount Kavulungan, also known as Mount N. Dawu, creates an excellent hydrologic system in Pingtung, southern part of Taiwan. Larmax’s farm has been located here for more than 30 years.

Larmax’s founder, Kuo-Chung Wang, is the first graduate from the Department of Aquaculture, NPUST. (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology) He is also one of the pioneers of ornamental aquaculture industry in Taiwan. At his early years, he bred Angelfish (Pterophyllum), African Cichlids, and Blood Parrot. Building his 1st farm in 1988, Mr. KC Wang has experienced all ups and downs of the industry. We can say his life story is just like the history of ornamental aquaculture industry of Taiwan.

When it comes to Neocaridina shrimp, Mr. KC Wang is definitely one of the trailblazers. He’s the creator of “Red Rili” & “Little Red Riding Hood”, and he’s the first man on earth to bring Neocaridina shrimp into mass production stage.

After years of hard work, Larmax now is the biggest Neocaridina shrimp farm in Taiwan. Every year we send millions of shrimps abroad!


拉瑪創辦人王國中,國立屏東農專(國立屏東科技大學前身)養殖科第一屆畢業生,同時是台灣最早幾位熱帶觀賞魚養殖業的領路人之一,早年繁殖南美神仙魚、非洲三湖慈鯛、血鸚鵡,由 1998年創設魚場至今,看盡市場興衰。​王老先生的創業史等同於台灣觀賞魚養殖業發展史,他也是將觀賞彩色米蝦量產、發揚光大的第一人,繼優化純色米蝦後,更以獨到眼光改良出琉璃蝦、神龍蝦等變體,一波波推起觀賞蝦飼養風潮,更讓台灣的名號響遍世界。

From Our Farm to Your Hand !

It has been more than 10 years since the first Neocaridina shrimp was produced. Day after day, year after year, Larmax’s staffs use scoops and spoons to pick millions of top quality shrimps one by one from pools for all the shrimp lovers all over the world.At 2013, Yeh-Hao Wang (Eric), the son of Mr. KC Wang joined the family business. Eric started up the company, Larmax International Co., Ltd., and decided to directly export Larmax home-bred Neocaridina shrimp.


Since 2015, Larmax International has been providing total solution of ornamental aquatic animal & plant exporting to the world. In ornamental aquaculture industry, Taiwan is the name of ornamental shrimps, and we’re proud to say: Larmax is the name of shrimps made in Taiwan!


Shrimp Expert

“How to breed shrimps?”

Hobbyists around the world have been asking this question for years. The question is simple, but the answer is everlasting. We’ve been thinking how to use our experience to introduce people enjoying their own shrimp tanks at home. That’s the reason we started to design a better solution to help the beginners and those experienced hobbyists.

Larmax’s new brand “Shrimp Expert” was launched in 2021. Including water quality care to professional shrimp food, our products are all based on Larmax’s decades of continuous work. We know how to maintain the water quality to keep the shrimps not only alive but also happy, and we know what kind of elements and nutritions that preserve shrimp’s vivid colors. The secret of breeding is no longer a mystery. Our goal is simple: Choose “Shrimp Expert”, you’ll become expert of shrimp.


因應新型態愛好者多變需求推出的新品牌「Shrimp Expert 蝦專家」誕生了,項目囊括各式觀賞蝦,從水質護理到專屬飼料,融合拉瑪職人數十年漚心瀝血的歷程,以往難以言傳的飼養之秘都不再是玄學。


使用「ShrimpExpert 蝦專家」,它將帶領每位愛好者,成為觀賞蝦的專家。